Howard for Real Estate Owners - Howard


For current hotel owners who are dissatisfied with traditional hotel management, Howard is a new kind of hotel manager that uses technology and smart operations to increase profits by 20-45% compared to traditional operators. Unlike the cost of overhauling the entire hotel, our value add is a new operating system that can make improvements without large scale renovations and shutdowns.

Problem for Hotel Owners

Competition from new market entrants, a growing vacation rental industry, and the rising cost of labor are squeezing profit margins all over the country.


We use our proprietary technology platform to boost NOI and property value for owners while providing a incredible guest experience for our guests.

• We increased revenue through data-driven pricing, occupancy optimization, effective property marketing, and direct bookings

• We decrease expenses by streamlining operations, optimizing staff, and anticipating costly management issues before they happen


We increase profitability by as much as 40%.


Property Assessment

48 Hours

Property intake and Howard feasibility study

Proposal & Term Sheet

24 Hours

If the property meets our requirements we will submit a proposal

Onboard & Reposition

1-3 Months

Property onboarding, light renovation & repositioning

Asset Stabilization

6 Months

Optmize NOI by cost reduction and revenue optimization

Cash Flow or Asset Sale

Owner Preference

Owner may choose to hold the asset or sell

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