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Howard was founded on Howard Street in Soho - small eclectic stretch where Soho's bohemian spirit is ingrained in the fabric of thriving new business. To honor our namesake, Howard designs and operates hotels that enhance community, inspire creativity, promote balance, and energize the human spirit.


Howard was born out of a mutual passion for customer experience and travel.

Fed up with uninspired, cramped, and overpriced “sea-of-the-same” hotels, Michael and Derek set out to create a refreshing travel experience for travelers who want more.

After 10 years of friendship, a lot of travel, and successful careers in real estate and media, Derek and Michael teamed up to apply their experience to the problems that plagued the emerging market of alternative travel accommodations.

Prior to Howard, Derek co-founded LG Fairmont, a technology-enabled real estate brokerage, focused on revolutionizing how we rent/buy residential real estate. Michael served as the Chief Client Officer of Buddy Media, a social media marketing technology platform that was acquired by Salesforce.